a bit about me:

Kayla Ek is an American Artist, Muralist, Graphic Designer and Marketer based out of Connecticut and New York State. Her paintings, illustrations and sculptures often depict emotive surreal portraits that are inspired by her deep love for music, psychology and poetry. 


Currently, at the age of 24 Kayla spends most of her time as a freelance graphic designer and muralist - using her skills to assist others with their creative marketing campaigns, designs, murals and events. Kayla also teaches private and group art lessons for a range of different artistic studies. 


Kayla has won many awards due to her excellence in the Arts and the work she has contributed to the Connecticut fine arts community - such as the 2014 Connecticut Association of Schools Outstanding Arts Award, The 2014 Walter Kopsick Memorial Award, & the 2014 Energy PRZ Award.


Kayla has also worked hands on with Comedy Central Comedian, Dave Reilly, Bolt Printing CEO Lana Corsano, Head Designer Sully Orellana, Photographer Morgen Purcell, and International Curator Analise Nelson.

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