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The Art Witch

Kayla Ek is an American Fine Artist, Muralist, Graphic Designer & Illustrator - Based out of New York State. 


Her surreal paintings & sculptures give viewers a peak inside her surreal and emotive view of reality. Her signature painting style is easily recognizable with her use of eyes, deep saturated use of colors and surreal portraiture.


Kayla is self taught and, has been sharing her art with the world since she was 10 years old. As a way to escape her stressors, her passion for art started with nothing but lined paper & ball-point pens. 


As years went by, Kayla poured her passion for art into her professional career - curating multiple galleries, directing community art festivals and art show exhibitions, painting murals, and seated on two different city art commissions in the Tri-state area.  

Now, in her late twenties Kayla dedicates majority of her time expanding her own body of artwork, diving into new art mediums, and running her own freelance graphic design business for the last 10 years. 


Kayla has won many awards due to her excellence in the Arts and the work she has contributed to the Connecticut Fine Arts community - such as:


The 2014 Connecticut Association of Schools Outstanding Arts Award,


The 2014 Walter Kopsick Memorial Award,


The 2014 Energy PRZ Award.

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