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Kayla Ek

The Art Witch

Heart Grenade



Price includes the frame.

Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.


Acrylic paint on wood panel, cut to fit a vintage refurbished frame. This piece is a colorful pop in a room with a angsty subject matter. Meant to expression just how explosive true love can feel.


  • Title: Heart Grenade 
  • Year of creation: 2023
  • Dimensions: Artwork - roughly 8-7 inches tall and 5 inches wide (Including the Frame)
  • Materials: Wood Panel, Acrylic Paint,Varnish 
  • Framing: 1950's refurbished wood frame, oval shaped. Includes ready-to-hang wiring on the back. 
  • Status:Available
  • Artwork type: Original, one of a kind with no duplicates or prints. 


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