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Kayla Ek

The Art Witch


Kayla Ek is an accomplished American Fine Artist, Muralist and Graphic Designer based in New York State. Her captivating paintings and sculptures offer a unique perspective on reality, inviting viewers to explore her surreal and emotive world. Kayla's distinctive painting style, characterized by her use of eyes, rich colors, and surreal portraiture, is instantly recognizable.

Despite being self-taught, Kayla has been sharing her art with the world since the age of 10. Starting her art journey with nothing but lined paper and ball-point pens, she found solace in art as a way to escape life's challenges. Over the years, Kayla has channeled her passion for art into a successful career, organizing numerous galleries, leading community art festivals and exhibitions, creating striking murals, and serving on two city art commissions in the Tri-state area.

Now in her late twenties, Kayla continues to dedicate herself to expanding her body of work in her own art studio in downtown Schenectady as a member of the Albany Barn's Artistry Studios Location while also working as the founder and director of Nightmare on Jay Street, Schenectady's very first alternative night market. Her commitment to her craft is truly inspirational, serving as a reminder of the transformative power of art and its impact on the community around it. 

About the Artist


The Studio Building

Artists Statement 

My artistic creations serve as a mirror reflecting the intricate dance between surrealism and psychology.  With my art,  I share my innermost thoughts, personal anecdotes, and poetic musings to create visuals that provoke emotive exploration within the viewers. 


Eyes, the windows to the soul, have served as my obsession from a young age and often are a repeat subject matter in my artwork. I believe the eyes can capture the essence of human emotion and I enjoy incorporating them in unexpected ways in my surreal portraiture.


My medium of choice is acrylic paint and ink. I use them to form a symphony of deeply saturated colors mixed with heavy, almost “under water” like shading. Each stroke and hue is intended to convey a certain feeling or message to the viewer, whether it be melancholy - or joy, my ultimate goal for every piece is to provoke a myriad of emotive conversations and to further my fascination with what I believe forms the true human experience - our emotions, and the psychology behind them. 

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- 2024 Arts, Thrive & Grow Grant Awardee 

- 2016 Featured RAW artists Brooklyn 

- 2017 Featured RAW artists Orlando

- The 2014 Connecticut Association of Schools Arts Award,

- The 2014 Walter Kopsick Memorial Award,

- The 2014 Energy PRZ Award.

Awards & Publications

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